· Course A (¥ 3,000 / excluding tax) – Weekdays only
(Amuse · appetizer · pasta · dessert · café · petit sweets)

· Course B (¥ 5,000 / excluding tax)
(Amuse · appetizer · pasta · main dish · dessert · café · petit sweets)
*Please choose each dish from our selection

· Chef’s Selection Course (¥ 6,800 ~/ excluding tax)
*Please order this course for all guests at the table (ie. Chef’s selection course for all guests)


· “La Barrique” Course (¥ 9,800 / excluding tax)
Please select your own favorite dish from the menu and customize your course from our distinguished choices
(Amuse · cold appetizer · hot appetizer ·pasta · main dish · dessert ·café · petit sweets)

· Degustacion Course (¥ 13,500 / excluding tax)
Our best recommended course.
Enjoy a combination of a small portion from our signature dishes and the most popular dish of the season
(Amuse · 3 appetizers · pasta · risotto · main dish · dessert · café · petit sweets)

· Chef’s Selection Course(¥ 16,500 / excluding tax)
We will ask about the guest’s preference and serve a unique dish made exclusively for you.
This course allows our guest to enjoy an exclusive customized course that will be unique and made to your taste.
Please enjoy the one and only special dinner just for you and your guest.

For dinner menus, we kindly request that the same course be selected for all guests at each table to give you the best service and experience. Please feel free to consult with our table advisor for your choice of menu.

Please kindly note a 10% service fee will be charged for both lunch and dinners.