Introduction of the original Torino Ristorante La Barrique

The original Ristorante La Barrique Torino built its reputation in Piedmont, the region of fine foods and famous among the Italian gourmet celebrities for its high standard.
The owner chef, Stefano was born in a family of famous chefs and he too became not only an excellent chef but also a professional sommelier certified by the Italian Sommelier Association.

“La Barrique” in French, means a small wooden barrel used for the fermentation and maturation of wine.
Stefano used this name hoping that his restaurant will someday mature and enrich as time goes by, just as the grapes ripe into fine wine that mellows into a rich, deep and elegant taste during its fermentation in its small wooden barrel, “La Barrique”.
The elegance and taste of Stefano’s cuisine was of course first class, but Stefano always cared to have one of the best service staffs around him and became one of the few restaurants with an excellent personal service that can meet or exceed expectations for all guests individually.
And now, Stefano passed his will to Shin and to deliver the same elegance in its cuisine and the best personal service in Tokyo.

Ristorante La Barrique
Corso Dante 53,10126 Torino Italy
tel 011-657900 fax 011-657995
(CLOSED in 2014 as Stefano took over his father’s gastoronomia)