Rosso Rubino is an Italian retail shop opened in June 2009 as an affiliate of Ristorante La Barrique.
It sells a wide variety of Italian wine and ingredients for your everyday life.
We deliver safe and attractive Italian products to everyone.
The ingredients we sell are all high quality items which are rare and unique, such as olive oils that can only be obtained at our shop.

We also have a wide range of wines, which consists mainly of items which cannot be found in ordinary retail stores due to our close and direct relationship with a variety of Italian cellars.
We also have a tasting space, so we encourage you to eat some samples and have some wine tasting in the store!
Please feel free to ask our staff to taste and experience some wine tasting anytime.
You will definitely feel and enjoy the Italian atmosphere surrounded by some exquisite Italian food at Rosso Rubino.
We will showcase the best ingredients of each season to bring delight to everyone throughout the year.
A sommelier with a cheese professional consultant will always be stationed, so please consult with them to find the best match for you.

We will assist and brighten your meals, whether it be for a special day’s meal or for your usual dining table.

【Notice from ROSSO RUBINO】
At Rosso Rubino, we offer Italian gift sets recommended by Ristorante La Barbique.
It is a great deal, consisting of assorted, delicious prosciutto or raw ham and rare mozzarella cheese.
How about gifting this for your friends or even for a home party?
If you wish to purchase these sets, please contact us either by phone or by e-mail.

We looking forward to seeing you at our store.
※ Our products normally arrive in small quantities, due to its rareness.
So please contact us in advance to find out its availability and estimated delivery timing etc.

Rosso Rubino website is here