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At Rosso Rubino, we offer to deliver Italian wines selected by our sister store Ristorante La Barrique Tokyo every month to your home through our wine distribution service called “Club · Rosso Rubino”.

Often times, we hear from our customers say;
“There are too many varieties of Italian wines and I don’t know which one to choose…”
“I want the wine that I drank at La Barrique, but I can’t find it in any retail stores or online…”
“It’s too much of a burden to pick a wine every time for my daily appetite…”
“I don’t know the best way to drink my wine or the best food to match with my wine…”

For these reasons, in 2010 we started this wine distribution club.
We provide not only detailed explanation of the wine itself, but also together with information such as suitable temperature, optimum glass, compatible and best match cuisine etc.
We look to select wines that are best for each season and from our wide variety of selections which will include wines that are only available at our store and from the most popular wines to some unique and maniac wines as well.
We also periodically provide special offers from our retail store Rosso Rubino.
We always try to make our descriptions and advice easy to understand, but any question are always most welcome!

For example;
“I’m going to cook XXX this weekend, which wine should I open?”
“What would you recommend if I were to drink another bottle of wine from my cellar stock?”
“I will go and buy some cheese tomorrow, but what wine should I have with it?”

We will be happy to answer any questions about Italian wines regardless of whether you bought it from us or not.
So, feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone anytime.
Our motto is to look after our club members with satisfaction and whatever it takes!

And thanks to our interaction and communication between our club members, those who have joined the club have mostly stayed on with their membership since the beginning, and the number of members is increasing year by year mainly due to referrals from these very satisfied members.

Please select from the following 3 courses according to your daily appetite and needs.
And please feel free to contact us to find out your best match.

· A course ¥ 10,000 per month
Recommended – Best value!
4 bottles of wine for your daily appetite with a touch of premium taste in your daily life.
These wines are not the easiest price range to choose for a daily appetite, but at the same time, it is also the type of wine that excels the flavor of your meal which provides the best performance of a typical Italian wine.
We will deliver a wide variety of premium but cost effective wines from our cellar.
This is the most popular course with our members.

· B course ¥ 20,000 per month
Recommended for Italian wine lovers!
We will deliver 3 ~ 5 bottles of wine that are produced only in small quantities and/or are unique and rare to find.

· C course ¥ 30,000 ~ per month
Fully custom made course!
We will consult with each customer every month and arrange a custom made package, such as;
“I want 2 to 3 fine bottles of Barolo wines”,
“I want the perfect Sangiovese wine”,
“It’s my birthday next month, so I want my own birthday vintage wine”,
“I want a bottle of white and red wine as a gift for a very important friend of mine”,
“We are expecting some parties next month so I want some reasonable sparkling wine and a plenty of smooth, easy to drink red wines”, etc.
We will endeavor to meet all your requests with above and beyond expectation!

Please enjoy the finest selection of Italian wine selected by
Ristorante La Barrique Tokyo at your home and with your friends and colleagues.
We sincerely hope you will join our club and enrich your daily life!

Look here for Application & Order Forms and for more details

Ristorante La Barrique Tokyo
Rosso Rubino
Owner Sommelier
Shinichiroh(Shin) Sakata